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I’m a British/Australian expatriate who has spent 20 years living in Asia and many more traveling the world.  I was born and went to school in the UK, started my career as a journalist in the print media, but spent a large proportion of my working life in broadcasting in Australia (where I worked for Channel 7 and Channel 10) and Malaysia (where I worked for ASTRO).  I retired as Secretary-General of the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union in June 2010 and am now doing media consulting work, based in the Philippines. I'm also chairing the Asia-Pacific Media Alliance for Social Awareness (The Media Alliance) which is based in Singapore and produces media campaigns to raise public awareness of pro-social issues and climate change.

My consulting work takes up about 50 per cent of my time. For the rest of my time I am blogging about travel and gardening, pursuing my lifelong passion for photography, and preparing to launch a new online gardening magazine for tropical regions. I've edited several gardening books, the most recent one being 'The Essential Guide to Growing Orchids in the Tropics' by Dr Chia Tet Fatt which was published by Marshall Cavendish and launched at the triennial World Orchid Conference in Singapore in November 2011. All but one of the photographs in that book are mine.

There's a Facebook Page for the book at www.facebook.com/tropicalorchids, and there's a link to the Kindle e-version of the book in the lefthand sidebar which is available from Amazon.com

My other interests and activities include world music, natural foods, and advocacy of human rights, social justice and sustainable living. I also support whenever I can activities to protect the environment and combat protection, but I feel we are losing the battle on those these days to big business and corporate lobbyists.

I started this website in 2004 to share some of my early travel photographs with family and friends, and over the years added a few other odds and ends. For years I have been trying to find the time to update it – but there never seems to be enough hours in the day – but if you have stumbled across it by accident, you are welcome to browse what is here.

Most of the photo albums on this site are personal photos, hot-air ballooning photos (another favourite pastime of mine) and a few of my older travel photos which I am progressively removing because I no longer regard them to be of an acceptable standard for publication. My newer travel photo albums are at:


I have also posted a selection of travel photos to Trek Earth at:


The slideshow below features my 50 favourite travel photos from my Trek Earth gallery.

You can find me on TripAdvisor at  http://www.tripadvisor.com/members/DavidAstley and on TravBuddy at http://www.travbuddy.com/banyanman

And you can follow me on Twitter at:


('banyanman' is the screen name that I use for most of the online communities of which I am a member, but someone else beat me to that name on Twitter)

I'm also on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/banyanman but I only add friends there that I've met in person.

I moved my blog to blogger.com in September 2007 as I liked the tagging and archiving system there better than the Squarespace platform that I use for this website. You'll find that at:


I will shortly be adding a separate blog on this site to be called 'My Garden' which will contain updates of the garden that I am developing at Timberland Heights in the Philippines. That blog is being created so that in future years, when the garden is established, I can show people what the site looked like when I first started the development in 2011.

Home page photos: TOP - Great Wall of China at Simatai. BOTTOM - Machu Picchu, Peru.